Wednesday, October 30, 2019

History of Development Exxon Mobil Research Paper

History of Development of Exxon Mobil - Research Paper Example In 1870, Standard Oil Company with Rockefeller and his associates transformed the Exxon Mobile and the combined facilities became the main basis of what had been known as the largest refining capacity of any single company in the world. Standard had been carried as a name due to fact that the word means uniform which pertains to the quality of the oil products. In the same decade, specifically in 1879, the Standard Oil Co. owned a significant part of the Vacuum Oil Company, a pioneer in lubricant products. The company which was established by Matthew Ewing and Hiram Bond Everest was known for products such as the revolutionary Gargoyle 600-W Steam Cylinder Oil (ExxonMobil Site). In the same year, the Standard Oil Trust had been established in cooperation with 30 affiliated companies (Tracy, Tordo and Arfaa 15). In the next decade, 1880, the domestic share in the refining of the company increased to 95 percent (Tracy, Tordo and Arfaa 15). In 1882, the Standard Oil products were used for Thomas Edison’s first central generating system. In the same year, the Standard Oil Companies in New Jersey and New York were included in the Trust. The headquarters of Standard Oil Trust then moved to Broadway, New York in a 9-story office which became one of the most important landmarks in the city. Also in the same year, the Gargoyle Arctic was developed by Vacuum and used for new designs of generators and motors for a maximum speed of 1000 rpm (ExxonMobil Site). The new century still opened new opportunities for the company. In 1903, the Wright brothers were included in the loyal clients of Jersey Standard fuel and Mobiloil lubricants by Vacuum.

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